CFS Diagnosis

Diagnostic interview to check CFS symptoms

The interview is based on the Canadian consensus criteria.

Check the symptom list whether these symptoms have occured to you.

Please note: ME / CFS usually has an acute onset, but it can also be gradual. but also in the early stages, a preliminary diagnosis can be made. The disorders generally form groups of symptoms that are often characteristic of the particular patient. The manifestations of the disease can fluctuate and change over time. It is always important to compare the condition before the onset of collapse. The symptoms are typical of the massive regulatory disorder of the autonomic nervous system with the overemphasis of the sympathetic and the underestimation of the parasympathetic and thus the disorder in the complex internal body information and control system.

  • A) Leading symptoms

  • B) Sleep symptoms

  • C) Pain

  • D) Neurological/Cognitive Manifestations

  • E) Autonomous, Neuroendocrine, and Immunological manifestations

  • F) Onset of the symtoms

This interview only serves as an indication of whether the diagnosis CFS would be a possibility.

In section A – C, all symptoms must be present. In section D, two or more conditions must be met. In section E, at least one symptom must be present and at least two in Autonomic, neuroendocrine and immunological symptoms.

The time criterion F of at least 6 months must be met.

Please always have the diagnosis checked by an experienced physician. This is because the final diagnosis can only be made once you have checked whether there is no other underlying disease or cause. If this is overlooked, it can have serious consequences since the necessary therapy or treatment will not be initiated accordingly.